Astronomy and Astrology

We include notions about Astronomy.

First question... How many planets have the solar systems? ... There are 12 planets.

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1 One day with the Cone of Precession of Equinoxes ... by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1040
2 Are you Neptunian? ... by Shakuntala Devi and Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 986
3 Another day with the Mathematics of the Galaxy: 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D ... 9D ... 10D, 11D ... 12D ... by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1458
4 One day in the Other Red Planet, "Nibiru" by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1299
5 The time when the Planet had two Suns ... or Two Moons ... and much more ... Administrator 1330
6 Astrology is not Magic or Divination is Science but with a Galactic Duodecimal Math by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1252
7 EL SISTEMA ESTELAR DE LAS PLÉYADES... por Raul Yepes Administrator 2351
8 Theorem: Is not possible to conquer the Air with Newtonian and Einstenian Physics. Administrator 1529
9 What is the difference between Blu Stars and Red Stars? ... Dimensionally speaking ... Administrator 1650
10 How Science convalidate Intuition ... How many planets were and are in Our Solar System? ... Administrator 1728
11 Kepler, the Musical Order of the Heavens and the Law of Gravitation ... Administrator 1562
12 Non è la Luna Piena ... ma la Luna Nuova ... per le Meditazioni ... Administrator 1858
13 How large is Our Universe? ... Administrator 1548
14 Editorial #161: The New Moon is now ... Giovanni A. Orlando. Administrator 1498
15 Happy Venus passage ... Administrator 1396
16 Cosa c'è dentro al Sole? Perché la Settimana ha sette giorni? ... per Giovanni A. Orlando. Administrator 1427
17 Some indiscretions on TWO Universes: Universe Dahl and Universe Dern by Giovanni A. Orlando. Administrator 1397
18 Quale è la differenza tra Astronomia e Astrologia? (Parla La Luna ...) da Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1133
19 How many Astrology types are there? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1599
20 A New permanent Sun is expected Next Year ... Administrator 1179
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