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Monday, 26 March 2018 12:14


Greetings ... in the White Moon-day of Lord Jesus ... the Crystal Pure Ray of Planetary Ascension ...

     And ... We consider ... "very important" to talk a little ... once again ... about the Tree of Life.

     We talk in the Past about ... "The Tree of Life" ... but ... What is the Tree of Life? ...

     Christianity talk about ... in the Bible ... in the first and last Book ... Buddhism talk about like ... "The Tree of Bodhi" ... Hinduism offer a sacred place in the Bhagavad-Gita ... Check the Web and Our chapters about ... the Norse World Tree ... call it ... "The Yggdrasil" ...


    I want immediately ... give you a Poetry ... written by the "Ascended" Shakespeare ... who was Francis Bacon and Merlin ... Saint Alban and Hermes ... King Solomon and Cristoforo Colombo ... and he said ...

    The fervor we seek to convey can be assimilated. The fire of our mind and spirit can be absorbed through a simple reading and application of the consciousness, of the heart. We know that man can inductively enter into a higher state. The sincere reading and rereading of our words until they become a very part of the consciousness of the disciple-aspirant can and does create in him a key by which his own alchemical expertise is developed.

    -- The Way of the Tree of Life (Click Chapter name to read the full chapter ...)

The Poetry is this ...

The way of the Tree of Life
Which is the perfect secret
That God has guarded from the curious
  and profane
Remains a penetrable mystery
To him who is not ashamed
To wear his wings,
To him who understands
The diligence of each day,
To him who is content to place his hand
In loving trust that destiny is ours,
To him who is willing to forsake
A past that has not produced
The blossoming beauty he craves,
To him whose heart reaches up as a cup
To the highest and sweetest,
The noblest and best Lord of all
In the desire to have imparted to himself
And every part of life
The best of gifts.
He speaks in summoned, loving tones
Of inward communion,
“O Father, not my will but thine be done!”
To him there is conveyed the highest crown,
The word “dominion.”
He is the Son, the Alchemist,
The beloved one.
He can divide the loaves and fishes, <5>
Walk upon the waves, <6>
Fulfill his own and others’ wishes,
And be the Great Benefactor.
In him the Immortal Spirit prevails,
The ultima Thule is seen.

                     -- The Way of the Tree of Life (Click Chapter name to read the full chapter ...)


    The Tree of Life ... are everyone of us ... Walking ... We are a Tree ... and you will not believe ... Tree are Our Fathers too ... but few respect Trees.

    Now ... Our Column is the Trunk ... Our Feet lying down can be the roots ... and Our Hands are the branches.

    ... So is the Universe too ...

    In the Core of each Planet ... where Gravity resides ... begin a Line of Time ... that reach across the Internals of the Planet ... Mantle ... until Surface ... and all this is Second Dimension, 2D ... until we reach the Surface, 3D ... Moving up we reach 4D ... 5D ... 6D ... etc. Now, what is this? ...

    That can be represented like a Caduceus ...

   Few persons know ... that each side of the Caduceus ... Even Dimensions 2D, 4D, 6D ... have different Agendas from Odd Side ... 3D, 5D, 7D ...

   There are a Rose ... in Heaven like Dante Alighieri describe ...


    We can read in the Bhagavad-Gita ...


CHAPTER    XV (15)

Purushottama: the Uttermost Being

Eternal Ashvattha: The Tree of Life

Verse 1

The Blessed Lord said:
They (the wise) speak of an eternal ashvattha tree, with roots above and boughs beneath, whose leaves are Vedic hymns. He who understands this tree of life is a Veda-knower.

THE ASHVATTHA TREE (pipal or holy fig, Ficus religiosa, of India) is remarkable for great size and longevity. In the first four stanzas of this chapter, ashvattha is used metaphorically to describe the mighty, many-branched system of integrated consciousness, life force, and afferent and efferent nerves that is the composite of man.

Paradoxically, though the ashvattha tree is here referred to as eternal, the word itself in one commonly accepted derivation means "that which does not remain tomorrow (or, 'in future')," from a-Ĺ›vas. The metaphorical ashvattha tree, in this sense, alludes to the world of transitoriness and its beings, which are ever in the process of change— nothing remaining the same from the present moment to the next ("tomorrow," or "the future").
  Also the Sephirot in the Hebrew Kabbalah ... are a representation of the Tree of Life ...
  The Name of God is written in Our DNA ... and Layer #1 ... is ...
The Tree of Life ... Keter Etz Chayim
Dr Giovanni A. Orlando.
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