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Wednesday, 08 May 2019 13:05


Greetings ... Humm ...

      In a moment of meditation ... in a recent trip ... I got to question myself and ask to me: "What is a Law?".

      What is a number for you ... is not what is a number for me ... I consider beyond the Galaxy ... "Numbers" float like entities ... all different ... all friends ... all connected.

      Importance has been requested to me ... to respect ... "Cosmic Laws" ... and after many years of Study ... Many are the Laws ... in Empirical Math, Empirical Physics, Chemistry ... Economy ... I have found.

       I can submit immediately a Law ... to you and for free: "Do not help anyone if you have not abundance in Money".

       Abundance in money ... means you have so much money that you have more than you need. In this case you give ... some cents to someone asking.

       No otherwise.


       Is more than evident that ... "A Law" ... have a Mathematics (and is a Mathematics ... too).

       A Law is ... like a Brick ... Solid, Stable ... but what is? ... Who create or establish a Cosmic Law? ...

       High Lords of Wisdom ... at the level of Lord Jesus or beyond ... establish and maintain "Laws".

       Another Laws ... I can give you ...

  1. I am the Lord thy God

  2. Thou shalt have no other gods before me

  3. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image (Mother Mary ask recently to have she at home (therefore images)).

  4. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain

  5. Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy

  6. Honour thy father and thy mother

  7. Thou shalt not commit adultery

  8. Thou shalt not kill

  9. Thou shalt not steal

  10. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour

  11. Thou shalt not covet (Try to avoid Selfies ... or show only something educational different than you ... if possible)

   These all are ... LAW. (Not Mediocrity, Not Insults ... not Dark Words).

   But What is a Law? ...

   A Law is everything that cannot be broken ...

   The High Lords ... establish Laws ... or simply wishes they desire.

   They desire ... You learn the 4 Main Faces of God:

  • Father,
  • Son,
  • Mother and
  • Holy Spirit.


     The Holy Lord gives the World ... 2,160 years to learn each face ...
      When Abraham ... almost kill his son ... was the Age of Aries ... The Pyramids are previous ... The Spinx ... very previous first of all ...
     That Age of Aries was the Age ... when the Lord expect ... Men learn the Commandments ... but THEY FAIL ... Neither TODAY with all the CLOWNS we have a RESPECT ...
  • Men fall to learn the Commandments because ... "Saint Germain explains that when Moses walk down the Mount Sinai ... ALL HAVE An ARIES OF GOLD.
  • Men fall to learn ... What is the Son of God, Lord Jesus ... because KILL HIM ... but he do not die ... from some point of view ... he claim silently how fool are these Men that pretend to kill me ... Men prove to be a fool ... and kill Master Jesus in their Mind ... and so he said: "Father forgive them".
   Now we are in 2019 ... 7 years after 2012 ... Men (or humanity) must learn another two Laws:
  • God is also Woman ... like Mother Mary.
  • God is also the Holy Ghost ... represented by Apostle John ... and John the Baptist ... Shiva in the Hinduism is the Holy Ghost ... the Lord of Love and the Love of Destruction.
That's all.
Giovanni A. Orlando

NOW LET US OPEN the golden book of eternal wisdom, bearing in mind that one day with God is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day.

Blessed ones, there is no eternal chaos. There is only eternal order in manifestation. And the marvelous wisdom that expresses throughout the cosmos is a flower whose cup holds all of creation within its airy fragrance.

There are many things that can be analyzed and broken down into component parts. Eternity is composed of segments of moving consciousness labeled "time." The mighty flow of cosmic energy, composing the physical body of the universe, for all of its intricacy is a manifestation of simplicity. And no doubt you have noted that there are many wonderful things in the world which, when taken apart piece by piece, lack the beauty of the unified whole.

We understand the role of science in probing both atom and cosmos. Without theorizing and experimentation, there is little question that man would be in a more primitive and rudimentary state at the present hour. Nevertheless it should not be denied that all of the wonders of material science cannot be compared to the birth of a child. The wonder withal is the miracle of life, the miracle of consciousness, the miracle of being!

The Master Jesus so wondrously stated as he passed through the fields of waving wheat, "The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath: therefore the Son of man is Lord also of the sabbath." (Matt 2:27) We declare, then, that man was not made to be a servant of a mechanical system or regimen but that these systems are the means, however inferior, used by him to implement his search for the freedom of the golden ages.

So-called fables of the Arabian Nights and other wondrous tales told by mankind have their root origin in many cases in great cosmic truth, for in the elder days of spiritual artistry mankind were able to produce food and necessities which were instantaneously called forth by the power of precipitation. This hidden memory has caused mankind to go in search of the miraculous. Writings, music, and folklore contain various examples of man's longing to see the magic of his faith burst forth into manifestation, even in the physical octave.

There are several factors at work behind the cause of man's original loss of his spiritual faculties. But in the history of the cosmos, as pertains to the planet Earth, we clearly see that following the downfall of man, various individuals from other systems of worlds did come to the planet Earth. These beings embodied a laggard state of consciousness which had already begun the nefarious activity of controlling the electronic pattern behind the screen of mortal manifestation and of dissecting the universe as the violent sought to wrest the secrets of nature from the hand of God and use them to their own ends.

The first 'fall', then, was one of ethics and morals; for it was in man's concept that through mastery of nature he would be able to circumvent God, thus giving him power over God-substance, that the original fall came about. Did not the serpent boast, "Ye shall be as gods"? (Gen 3:5) When the ethic of man falls, when ideals and patterns of humility typified in the words "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge"' (Prov 1:7) are denied preeminence in consciousness, it is ever so easy for individuals to feel that they are a law unto themselves.

Long ago, then, in another system of worlds this descent of consciousness—this defection from acknowledgment of the supremacy of the Godhead—occurred to many. Out of this laggard flow, certain advanced beings did train and employ artisans who were skilled in the manipulation of material substance. The story of this event is hidden in the generic recordings of the Bible; these also indicate how Jubal and Tubal-cain and others did come into embodiment and did teach mankind their arts/ Let it be clear that the early race of mankind were in direct contact with the ancient records of this extraterrestrial activity practiced by beings from other worlds; and thus mankind became imbued with the selfsame spirit of these artisans who began to control them and impart to them their ideas of the physical mastery of material substance.

Now, lest I be considered uneducated (and I smile with beloved Morya as I say this), let it be clear to all that we do not question the ability of mankind to learn from these artisans and to profit materially from the knowledge imparted unto them. Workers in brass and metals came forth, tooth and gear, weights and pulleys, levers, balances and counterbalances, electronic flow and electronic control—all were developed in due process of time. Dependent, then, on outer sources of supply and outer wisdom, mankind leaned less and less upon the inward power of nature and nature's God.

Harnessing, then, the stream of nature's energy in accordance with the knowledge of control which they evolved, mankind constructed factories, mines, buildings, modes of transportation, and all of the accoutrements of science. As mankind's wonder about science increased, many became so enamored with the outer modus operandi of the physical world that the inner activities of the soul were totally neglected to the point where mental illness was spread abroad through the land. By reason of his isolation from his God-source and the karmic action which ensued, man sensed the gradual waning of his life-force and shouted in desperation for his plight, "Let us eat and drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die."

While all of this outer activity has been increasing throughout the world until ancient prophecies are now fulfilled in the horseless chariots, the great birdlikc planes of the sky, and modern weapons of war, the involvement of civilization in matter and materialism has become increasingly great. The consciousness and ego of man, then, has been made a battleground of divergent energies instead of the building ground of eternal verities.

As the worth of man's soul was lessened in his own eyes through personal degradation and his expulsion from paradise/ man's own heart-yearnings were translated into religious searching and the relentless pursuit of God in the desire to return to the paradise estate which he had lost. But even this wonderfully redeeming factor, brought about through man's search for personal atonement for all the foregoing misappropriation of God's purposes in life, has been exploited by those who would make religion a source of livelihood and soul expansion a mechanical process.

Do you wonder, dear people of earth, that in all that has happened in the past to the people of this planet, all that is their history, God himself continually strives to elevate his blessed creation and extricate it from this mass confusion? God did not ordain nor does he maintain the battering energies which mankind have fabricated into the impersonal webs of finite illusion to which they are subjected. I have raised the question here in order that I might expand on the meaning of life from the standpoint of God-truth.

Now, ignorance and fear are the tools used by the forces of negation to cause men to vegetate in the human estate without entering into the divine. My release on the monstrous mechanical doctrine is intended, through the means of altered perspective, to bring a feeling of freedom and release whereby joy to the world is amplified daily as man goes his rounds in the pursuit of happiness.

Through custom and habit, men have sought their pleasures and happiness in that dimension of consciousness which is most familiar to them. The spectrum of consciousness in the finite world is not expanded sufficiently to allow men the full measure of happiness for which they yearn and which was originally theirs.

Some of the students are aware that when it became necessary to restrict mankind because of his viciousness and bestiality, the Lords of Karma did cut the allotment of cosmic-energy for many lifestreams upon the planet until the stream of life flowing into the body of man at the top of the head (which had once been the size of the tube of light) became a very narrow cord of silvery light-substance through which a relatively minute portion of energy could flow. Because there is a relationship between the apportioned size of the lifestream, or silver cord, and the spectrum of consciousness upon which man's awareness vibrates, the reduction in the actual size of the cord caused a corresponding decrease in the number of years of the allotted life-span of mankind as well as a gradual shrinking of the spectrum of consciousness.

You will recall that in the days of Methuselah men did live to be many hundreds of years old/ Then the shrinking of the rate of descending energy was reflected in a shrinking of the life-span, together with the aforementioned spectrum of consciousness. In a practical manner, this meant that the vibratory peaks of happiness which could be experienced by man and those of consciousness and of awareness were also diminished. And while, through the power of various spiritual exercises, mankind have been able to expand their consciousness, the physical vessel of man and his brain structure have continually impeded the flow of the vital essences because of the shrinking of the cup of consciousness.

Let it be increasingly clear, then, that we do not desire to despair of the necessary mechanics of civilization but rather of the use to which men have put these mechanics and, most specifically, the use to which they have put their minds and attention. Various forms of neurosis and psychosis, diseases of the mind and nerves, are the consequence of the fast pace of civilization and man's inability to cope with environment as it continues to hedge him in with the bristly needles of torture created by his inhumanity to his fellowman. But mankind could be spared all this by turning wholeheartedly to God for illumination and strength.

The beloved Master Saint Germain, acting under our direction, has continually requested that the flame of freedom be expanded in men and women as courtliness and grace. I far prefer that grace of manner which comes naturally from within a loving heart to that which is merely the repetition of certain norms of social etiquette.

All in all, there is a great deal more to life than meets the eye, and the horrible pauperizing of life by the powers of the age of iron and steel through misapplication of the law has brought mankind to his knees in anguish. Now we are releasing a vital information that will enable men to change these untoward conditions. As principle becomes applied knowledge, it is my intent in the near future to discourse on man and to raise the curtain on certain uncommon points of knowledge concerning the elements of his being.

Remember, blessed ones, the authenticity of our releases is like the sounding of a great bell which resonates within the soul of those who possess the capability of attuning with the joy of heaven and with the ascended masters' willingness to release their vital energies into the stream of human consciousness. The goal of heaven is clear: it is to enlarge that consciousness and the borders of man's perception that he might live in the fullness of that life which God in the beginning intended him to have, to hold, and to cherish.

When the goals of heaven become the goals of men, then the inrush of the kingdom of God will become a reality for mankind, bringing meaning to life which is lacking when the purposes thereof are misunderstood and perspective cannot be drawn in honor and truth because it remains effectively warped by the lens of mankind's limited vision.

Let men perceive the need to adjust, to correct, and to vitalize and then I think there shall be less meandering along the stream, less idling of the mighty engines of life, and a harnessing of universal love and its power to fructify and sanctify all that man shall do.

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