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Monday, 14 October 2019 07:58


Greetings in the Moon-day ... the day of the Moon ...

             And there are some Political reasons to hide ... "Good Physics" we can declare also "God Physics" ... because God Physics never hurt, never plan to send bombs like to the Curds ... which are inert persons or to depredate citizen that need Education ... and indeed born in a Rich Country like in Venezuela.

              I confess ... I never ear about this Professor until some days ago ... from a small research related to "Zero Point".

              What is "Zero Point"? ... Any Mind ... involved on Free Energy ... in some moment listen about Zero Point.

              I, Giovanni knows where and what is ... Zero Point.

              Public Definitions are:  

Zero-point energy (ZPE) is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical system may have.

               This is not my definition of Zero Point Energy ... Nay. My Definition of Zero point Energy is close to Georg Riemann definition ...


Into every ponderable atom at every moment a certain quantity of substance enters,
proportional to the force of gravitation, and then disappears.
This is a consequence of a psychology subscribing to Herbart’s principles that substantiality
does not belong to the soul, but to each singular representation fashioned in us.

    Now ... "The Zero" in Zero point is that the Energy "disappears"  but is there ... and is not Low in Levels of Energy but constantly changing  

     According to Walter Russell ... which open the Pandora Box of Physics ...

    This point ... represents the Word "Point" in Zero Point ... understanding it is Fixed in Space (do not move, Zero speed) ... is available in any point but its Energy is Infinite.


Hendrik Casimir

  Discover a "simple" concept ... which has the same basis that Electricity (Negative and Positive) between two ... What he call "Perfect plates".


The 1948 article ... : H. B. G. Casimir, “On the Attraction Between Two Perfectly Conducting Plates”, Indag. Math. 10, [Kon. Ned. Akad. Wetensch. Proc.100N3-4,61(1997)], 261–263 (1948).

express a great Truth ...

We are thus led to the following conclusions. There exists an attractive force between two metal plates which is independent of the material of the plates as long as the distance is so large that for wave lengths comparable with that distance the penetration depth is small compared with the distance. This force may be interpreted as a zero point pressure of electromagnetic waves.

This is equivalent to our previous Definition.

But let us ... Figure for you the Complete Panorama.

  • Light ... beyond actual Set of just 7 Colors ... there are another Set Missing ... like we wrote about ... everything comes in couples.
  • Gravity ... Zero Point ... not Pressure but Energy is related to ... both Aether and Time ...
  • The Atomic Energy ... between Electrons and the Nuclei ... also has been object of Study ...

... But we ... miss the Point ... The Missing Mathematics.

 To answer the Question: ... What is the Casimir Effect?  The Casimir Efect ... is an interaction that ... is independent of material ... similar to Electromagnetism, related to Zero Point ... that can unveil the Secrets of Gravitation and contribute to the Final Theory of Everything.


Giovanni A. Orlando

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