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Friday, 03 January 2020 14:55


Greetings in the day of Venus ... the Orange day of the Love in the Family.

      There is a Subject in Physics ... called "Mechanics".

      This Discipline take care of ... not only Dynamic on Earth Plane but also to launch Rockets on the Moon.

      In fact ... like some historical movies show ... not a word about Einstein ... was pronounced in the days of Apollo 11, 13 ... or others ... because is NOT Necessary.

     Einstein Theory is related to Speeds ... almost the Speed of Light ... and Lorentz transformation ... which are the very basis of the Theory are wrong ... because we can overpass Speeds of Light of many thousands ... consider 10,000 times c, where c is the speed of Light.

     Therefore forget Einstein.

     Now ... from the days of Laplace and its

Traité de mécanique céleste

   The Heavens ... (close like the Solar System) have no secrets. 

   Now ... by 1800 ... as well 1900 ... Europe hold the Highest scepter in Physics and Mathematics.

   For the landing on the Moon ... no Einstein Theory was used ... but Newton ... in any case both are approximations because all the Books of 20th Century ... basically all that belong to our Bibliography will soon become Obsolete.

    And I remember that ... the Moon is 384,400 km ... Andromeda Galaxy is 2.537 million light years ... far from Orion which is "only" 1,344 light years far.

    Now ... GPS are ...

    Let us quote:

When Einstein finalized his theory of gravity and curved spacetime in November 1915, ending a quest which he began with his 1905 special relativity, he had little concern for practical or observable consequences. He was unimpressed when measurements of the bending of starlight in 1919 confirmed his theory. Even today, general relativity plays its main role in the astronomical domain, with its black holes, gravity waves and cosmic big bangs, or in the domain of the ultra-small, where theorists look to unify general relativity with the other interactions, using exotic concepts such as strings and branes.

But GPS is an exception. Built at a cost of over $10 billion mainly for military navigation, GPS has rapidly transformed itself into a thriving commercial industry. The system is based on an array of 24 satellites orbiting the earth, each carrying a precise atomic clock. Using a hand-held GPS receiver which detects radio emissions from any of the satellites which happen to be overhead, users of even moderately priced devices can determine latitude, longitude and altitude to an accuracy which can currently reach 15 meters, and local time to 50 billionths of a second. Apart from the obvious military uses, GPS is finding applications in airplane navigation, oil exploration, wilderness recreation, bridge construction, sailing, and interstate trucking, to name just a few. Even Hollywood has met GPS, recently pitting James Bond in "Tomorrow Never Dies" against an evil genius who was inserting deliberate errors into the GPS system and sending British ships into harm's way.

But in a relativistic world, things are not simple. The satellite clocks are moving at 14,000 km/hr in orbits that circle the Earth twice per day, much faster than clocks on the surface of the Earth, and Einstein's theory of special relativity says that rapidly moving clocks tick more slowly, by about seven microseconds (millionths of a second) per day.

Also, the orbiting clocks are 20,000 km above the Earth, and experience gravity that is four times weaker than that on the ground. Einstein's general relativity theory says that gravity curves space and time, resulting in a tendency for the orbiting clocks to tick slightly faster, by about 45 microseconds per day. The net result is that time on a GPS satellite clock advances faster than a clock on the ground by about 38 microseconds per day.

  Therefore is for the Speed of the Satellite that invite US Force to measure ...

  Now ... reading ... Relativity and the Global Positioning System ... I see mistakes, adjustments and approximations ... I do not see ... Precision ... or Absoluteness.

    Einstein's general relativity theory says that gravity curves space and time ...

    ... Well ... where comes from this hypothesis? ... from the absence of Aether? ... from the Speed of Light constant? ...

    Indeed ... the Speed of Light is limited by the Aether ... but The Theory of Relativity explains Aether do not exist, cannot exist ... and this Theory is Wrong with this Hypothesis. No additional word is necessary.

    That Gravity curves Space and Time ... is a consequence of "A Part" of Einstein Theory ... I cannot confirm it ... Seems evident ...

    With no Aether can you prove in some measure the Speed of Light is constant? ... Michelson-Morley what say? ...

    I excuse ... If Professor Einstein say ... "The Sped of Light is the maximal possible speed in the Universe, again he is Wrong"

    Therefore ... Einstein Theory is WRONG ... if some facts ... may rise ... and solve Problems ... GOOD.

    Einstein Theory is WRONG because:

  • There are an Aether. Has been proved ... ask me in private or await the book.
  • The Speed of Light is NOT the Maximal Speed of the Universe ... Time Travel is possible, interstellar travel is possible at speeds about 10,000 c.
  • For distances and speeds ... related to SUN-MOON-EARTH ... Newton Theory is sufficient.
  • We need God ... not Einstein ...
Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.
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